7 anti-ageing herbs; the ultimate miracle of ayurveda

Ageing and anti ageing, the two very common but the most popular words that are always in the demand . whatever but , when we look for anti aging you can realize “your age is nothing but just a number.” Also in the science of ayurveda there are some herbs that can help you to […]

Schizophrenia: want to get over from it?

Schizophrenia ! Have you ever heard this before? If no, then i want to tell you , schizophrenia was a very rare mental disorder. But, now this chronic disorder is very common. It starts from your brain and slowly affects the whole sensory, motor activities. Sometimes it has some serious effects on young adults.   […]

9 Basic foods should avoid in pregnancy

 “Pregnancy” , it’s a very crucial time for women. In this period, She needs all those things which are not only effective for her but for her upcoming baby too, Is it true? Yes, it’s a relevant fact that what a mom-to-be do or eat will shape the immune system of the little one. Because […]


 In today’s world, Millions and millions of people are suffering from heart disease. Moreover, It is very common in the united states. 7 out of 10 people are the sufferer by knowingly or unknowingly for various reasons.     In our society, people have some misconceptions about heart disease as well as the daily routine […]

medicines safe during pregnancy

Taking medicines always creates a dilemma during pregnancy. The antenatal mothers can not understand which medicines are safe and which are not? The doctors usually advise to avoid medicines in this period.    But if the pregnant woman has any kind of serious health issues like increased blood pressure or asthma then taking drugs becomes […]

Help Someone Having Epileptic Seizure

 Epilepsy is nothing but a neurological disorder. in ancient times there was much credulous belief related to it. Some people think that the person suffering from seizure is possessed by any supernatural power.     Whatever, times change, and now we are in 21 century. Today’s people are efficient. They want to know everything that’s […]

Balance your cholesterol

 Some terms like cholesterol, high-density lipo- protein( HDL), low-density lipo-protein(LDL) and triglycerides, are very known to everyone. Each and every second out of 10,7 people have died from a heart attack in us.   Simply, I have tried to introduce you all to the deadly causative agent behind this , which is known as cholesterol.    It […]

The truth about myasthenia gravis is about to be revealed

Introduction   Myasthenia gravis, It is a very rare term for many people in this world. We don’t know what myasthenia gravis is? basically, It is an autoimmune disease that impairs the connections between nerves and muscles. Although it doesn’t come under the categories of well-known disease but, it can be a severe one. It will not […]

8 Detox drinks that can make your heart happy

 Did you ever know that a sedentary lifestyle with the use of too many sedatives can make your body garbage? Not only that but a person who is neither an addict nor a languorous can suffer from various ailments like coronary artery diseases. To solve these problems various high dose medications with high cost introduced in […]

DIABETES ( The silent killer)

 Nowadays millions of people suffering from diabetes. Basically, the cause behind this is the lifestyle that they follow and sleeping patterns, diet and etc.   So, diabetes is of two types;   .type 1 diabetes   .type2 diabetes   TYPE 1 DIABETES   It is caused due to more amount of carbohydrate consumption. Mainly the carbohydrate […]