International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

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International Women’s Day: What It Means to Me

The day of international women’s day brings a feeling of hope and inspiration. It reminds us that we are not alone, and there is always someone who will support us. International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women, while also focusing on issues like education and healthcare. We have come so far in the past 100 years. But still today, women all around the world are fighting for equal rights. Let’s continue to fight for our daughters and granddaughters. They deserve a better future than what we have now! Here are some ways how you can celebrate International Women’s Day with your family today.

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What International Women’s Day Means to Me

International Women’s Day is the day to honor and celebrate women. This day was founded by a woman named Clara Zetkin, who was a socialist and a communist activist. She was very active in the workers’ rights movement. The goal of this day is to promote equity for women around the world.

The first International Women’s Day was celebrated on March 19, 1911, in Germany. Since then, there have been events all over the world to continue celebrating this special day. I am sharing some ways that you can celebrate International Women’s Day with your family today:

1) Read books with your kids about strong female characters

2) Celebrate females in STEM fields

3) Watch movies starring females

4) Paint pictures of women entrepreneurs

5) Remember influential females in history

6) Cook food from other countries where females are given more rights

How you can celebrate IWD with your family

International Women’s Day is a day when women can celebrate their female empowerment. On March 8th, let’s all celebrate the women who have gone before us and also the women of this generation. Here are some ways how you can celebrate International Women’s Day with your family today:

– Read books about strong female characters, like A Wrinkle in Time or Wonder Woman: The Graphic Novel

– Plan a mother-daughter activity where you’ll both get to explore something new together.

– Take time to reflect on the obstacles that have been overcome by those before you.

– Watch movies about strong female protagonists, like Frozen or The Hunger Games.

– Plan an activity for your daughter and create a list of activities for her upcoming birthday parties and holidays.

Have a vocabulary lesson about gender equality and the women’s movement

Talk to your children about the importance of gender equality. What does it mean? Why is it important? Educate them on the women’s movement. What did they fight for? Why was this necessary?

Discuss how the media shapes our perception of women

Discuss how the media shapes our perception of women.

In today’s society, the media is a powerful tool that influences how we view and think about others. When we see women in magazines or on TV, they are often portrayed in a certain way that perpetuates stereotypes. This is what social scientists call “socialization” where most people are exposed to messages from their surroundings in order to learn their culture.

The media has its own set of expectations for women and the entertainment industry reinforces these norms by portraying one-dimensional characters with unattainable beauty standards. The media also gives us a false sense of reality as it portrays an unrealistic picture of beauty with photoshop and digital alterations.

Plan an activity with your daughter or granddaughter

Spend time with your daughter or granddaughter to celebrate International Women’s Day. You can plan an activity together, such as baking a cake or painting a picture. You could also go for a walk or do something nice for others in the community.


International Women’s Day is a global event that celebrates women’s achievements and calls for gender equality.

Many people in the United States don’t know about IWD, so it is important to find ways to educate them. IWD is a day of recognition that should be celebrated by everyone.

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