Help Someone Having Epileptic Seizure

Help Someone Having Epileptic Seizure

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 Epilepsy is nothing but a neurological disorder. in ancient times there was much credulous belief related to it. Some people think that the person suffering from seizure is possessed by any supernatural power.

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Whatever, times change, and now we are in 21 century. Today’s people are efficient. They want to know everything that’s going on and why? Still, some “ifs” are present in people’s mind related to it.


It is alright if you know everything about epilepsy and also if you know the person who suffers from it. But, when you will go outside and suddenly found someone having an epileptic seizure. In this case, what should you do?


Here are some tricks to help them


*                 First of all, keep away the things that are present around the person. here’s the main motive is to keep the person safe until the seizure has stopped on its own.


*                 Don’t restraint the person, just stay with the person


.w                 Don’t put anything, in the mouth of the person. it causes decaying of the teeth.


*                 If the person is lying down then we should tilt his/her head to back to prevent chocking.


*                 Then we should loosen things like the tie which is present around the neck of the person.


*                 The the main role of the public is to stay with the person until he/she will regain his consciousness.


*                 If the conditions of the person will be getting worsen, he/she will not be able to take a proper breath or won’t regain his/her consciousness. at that time we should call 911 for help.

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