Health Insurance

Health Insurance

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Medical coverage is a legitimate agreement between an insurance agency (safety net provider) and the policyholder (safeguarded) enforceable in the courtroom. A measure of security towards treatment costs is payable for sickness or mishap in the Hospital/Daycare focus to the safeguarded by the safety net provider. These treatment costs can be asserted either by a credit-only office or repayment process.

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Rundown of data and benefits being with Star Health

  • Insurance for – Individual/Families on Floater Basis
  • Aggregate Insured (INR) – up to 2 crores
  • Imaginative Products – Customer-Centric Policies
  • Bother Free Claims – 90% in under 2 hours
  • Credit only Facility – 12000+ Network Hospitals
  • In-house Claim Settlement – On every one of the 365 days by Qualified Doctors
  • Computerized Platform – Highly complex site
  • Pre-insurance Medical Screening – Not Mandatory in the vast majority of our Contracts

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