Good to Great Get Your Workout into the Next Level

Good to Great Get Your Workout into the Next Level

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No matter if you go for quick strolls around the neighborhood, go on 10-mile bike rides or work out in the fitness center, eventually, you’ll find yourself thinking, “This isn’t as hard as it was!”That’s a great step. It’s time to get moving.You might have gotten too used to what you’re doing that it’s too easy. To increase your speed or strength or to get rid of boredom, now is the time to make a change.It’s a fact that the most effective way to build muscles or burn calories is to create the habit of switching up your routine — particularly when you realize that your current routine has become comfortable. It keeps you alert. You’re prepared to turn your walks into jogging sessions and lift weights that are heavier or speed up your swimming faster than you have imagined you would.

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Find ‘FITT’

Then, consider the things you could change. Utilize your “FITT” concept of exercising — intensity, frequency time, type, and frequency -to help you.

Time: How many days each week do you exercise?If it’s two days a week, consider adding the third day and testing it out.Strength: How hard do you work out?Are you able to reach your goal heart rate? This can help increase your fitness. Your heart rate maximum is around 220 minus age. The heart rate zone you want to be in is between 50 and 85 percent.

If you’re not ready to calculate the numbers take a look at whether you feel that you’re working yourself too hard and if the workout is easy. Do you think you could work harder, perhaps by increasing the speed or adding resistance or weight?

Timing: How long are your training sessions?

If you are able to run for 20 mins, you should try to continue for 30 minutes. Do you plan to walk around in 45 mins? Take a few more blocks and you’ll be able to make it 60 minutes.

Format: What specific exercises are you doing?

You could consider switching away from walking, and instead jogging running to jogging or even adding a totally new sport — biking or swimming Pilates and weight training, etc.

Make a move to a professional or a Pal

Take a look at a few sessions or more, with an experienced personal trainer who is certified or an exercise physiologist. They’ll be able to tweak your program depending on whether you’re training for running a marathon or to shed the last 10 pounds. They’ll also make sure you don’t have to make several changes too quickly.

If you’re not keen on engaging a professional — perhaps hiring a professional is too costly or time-consuming it’s possible to team up with a gym partner. This will make you less likely to keep to the schedule and attend.

To achieve the best results Choose a partner who’s a little healthier in comparison to you. Studies show that exercising with someone more fit can inspire you to push yourself to the limit.

Take advantage of the benefits

Are you looking for a way to break outside of your current zone? You could choose to “reward” yourself for achieving small goals along the journey.

Consider small snacks that don’t involve food items. For instance, you might decide to attend the concert or manicure or purchase a pair of shoes you’re interested in after you’ve completed your fitness goals for this month.

Also, stay away from things that are tangible and think about how getting healthier will benefit your life. Do you need more energy to spend time with your grandkids or kids? More sleep? Have the fitness to take an active trip across the globe? Do you want to finish an event or receive an award?You can do it if you take your time and push yourself a little more, repeatedly. 

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