food for myasthenia gravis

food for myasthenia gravis

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 “ Food is the most essential need of living beings”. It’s not a so-called statement only, But a practical thing that we can see every human is living for. Sometimes, there is a classification that takes place between the food for a healthy human and a diseased one like the person who is suffering from an autoimmune as well as a neuromuscular disease like myasthenia gravis.

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So, let’s drag the gist of this blog to the spotlight by which we can know about various foods that are not only helpful for a myasthenic person but also a healthy one.

Before going to the main theme, we have to know about our gut health.

  • our gut is considered as the second brain. It has the main role in the extraction of vital nutrients from our ingested foods. Some

microvilli are very much important for our gut. Besides it, we need some good bacteria for digestion and processing of the food so that our body can get its nutrients. But, if there is any kind of imbalance, this can lead to inflammation and liable us to many autoimmune diseases.

  •  Food sensitivity blood tests can also detect which food is suited to your body and which is not.

Food for myasthenia gravis

  •    Veggies

Eat plenty of vegetables like cabbage, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, etc.

 Mostly take some potassium-rich food, because it will help to reduce the fluid retention which is generated if you use steroids. So, it’s necessary to increase potassium and reduce sodium in the diet. Take ginger and turmeric, you should start with one capsule twice a day.

  •    Smoothies

Smoothies are like fruit juices, tomato, and orange juices, vegetable soups, clear juices such as apple juice which is rich in vitamins and minerals will soften the food consistency. Drink a small number of liquids with solid food for easy swallowing. To reduce residue in the throat moisten the food with gravy, sauce, butter, mayonnaise, and sour cream or yogurt.

  •     Food that prevents diarrhea

The use of some anticholinergic medications like mention may cause cramping and diarrhea. But, somehow the use of steroids medications can be lowered the level of potassium. It can be a cause of fluctuation in the appetite. To prevent it we have to take some fruit like bananas which is rich in potassium and also take some vegetables which give sodium and minerals. Basically, we have to choose foods that are mild and easily digestible.


  •     Carbs

Eat bread and cereals which provide carbohydrates in the form of starches and sugars as a source of energy. Besides it, fruits and vegetables also have a good amount of carbohydrates.


  •    Dairy products

Instead of some foods like potato chips and canned food, we should take some milk and dairy products that supply the body with calcium. Mostly, choose a diet low in fat except for yogurt. Drink cow milk instead of buffalo because it has more cholesterol than calcium.


  •    Animal’s products

Fish, poultry, meat, and eggs, are all animal products rich in protein which is necessary for maintaining a healthy body built. To prevent choking choose chicken or fish instead of tougher meat. But, in some cases we should reduce the protein intake to 10 percent of total calories; replace the animal protein with plant protein.


  •   Liquor

Alcoholic beverages like whisky, vodka, rum, tequila should be used relatively. One or two drinks are acceptable for the patient with pseudo paralysis (myasthenia gravis). If the weakness is severe then strictly avoid it.

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