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 In today’s world, Millions and millions of people are suffering from heart disease. Moreover, It is very common in the united states. 7 out of 10 people are the sufferer by knowingly or unknowingly for various reasons.

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In our society, people have some misconceptions about heart disease as well as the daily routine of a heart patient.


So, here are the 8 things that the person who had recently experienced a cardiac arrest can do.




Some people say that it is not good for a cardiac patient to walk or to stand. But, according to the cardiologist, the person having cardiac problems should walk for 35 mins in a day. The walking pattern must be continuous. The person can also do spot walking, treadmill walking, and also gymming. Everyday walking helps to tone the heart muscles. There are also various advantages of walking like it controls the blood pressure, blood sugar level, reduces the stress, increases the good cholesterol level in our blood, and also helps to lose weight.




1.  If a person is having osteoarthritis along with heart disease, how could he walk for 35 mins?


Ans. In such cases, the person can use a stationary cycle and do cycling. this is the best way to speed up his heart rate.


2.  can we walk after having food?


ans. No, we should not walk after eating. because, when the food reaches the stomach, our stomach become very active and secrets various kind of acids as well as enzymes. In this period the stomach takes the extra blood from the heart and after that heart has less amount of blood. so, we shouldn’t walk at that time.




No problem arises while traveling. The concept is that the normal heart rate of a cardiac patient is 72 beats/min. So, when he will travel the normal rates of the heart will be maintained.




Taking stress is injurious to the health of a cardiac patient. Because it causes hypertension and angina.




2-3 kg weight is ok to lift, but more than 3 kg of weight creates complications for heart patients. So, please don’t lift so much weight if you are a cardiac patient.




Some people are saying that the patient who had recently experienced a heart attack should take much more rest and talk less. But it is totally a wrong concept. Because the normal heart rate is maintained while talking also.


·    JERK


A jerk does not induce a heart attack in the patient. In In some cases, it leads to angina.


·    SEX


Heart patient also enjoys intercourse with their partner as a passive participant. But they should control their anxiety and also the excitement level.




Animal products like meat, fish, poultry, and milk should be avoided. Some plant products like cashew and nuts give rise to an increase in cholesterol levels. Oils must be avoided. He or she should eat green vegetables which tend to increase your good cholesterol level(HDL). Some of the vitamins like vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E are the antioxidants that help to irradiate the reason for atherosclerosis.


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