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Category: Stress

Are Your Stress Levels Too High?

Although a bit of stress can help you stay inspired but stress can be detrimental to your body in a variety of ways.   How Stress Levels Are Measured When you’re faced with an imminent threat the brain responds through activation of the “fight, flight, or freeze” system to protect you. In essence, it will prepare […]

Can Stress Make You Sick?

Overview Stress is your physique’s response to a precise or perceived risk. Some stress is sweet for you and drives you to take motion, like on the lookout for a job if you’ve been fired. A lot of stress, nonetheless, can suppress your immune system and trigger you to get sick extra simply.   Prolonged durations […]

Every thing You Have to Know About Stress

What is stress? Stress is a scenario that triggers a specific organic response. When you understand the risk or a serious problem, chemical compounds and hormones surge all through your physique.   Stress triggers your fight-or-flight response to be able to struggle with the stressor or run away from it. Typically, after the response happens, your […]