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Types of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is an increasingly common condition and is partly credited to increased exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Increased exposure is mainly due to the recent popularity of sun tanning or sunbathing.  Lighter-skinned individuals are more vulnerable to this disease.   There are many types of skin cancer, but the most common types are:   Basal […]


You lie out in the sun expecting to get a brilliant tan however rather leave your parlor seat seeming to be a lobster that has been left in the pot excessively lengthy.   Regardless of well-being alerts about sun harm, a considerable lot of us actually subject our skin to the burning by the sunbeams. […]

Acne Skin Care Myths

  Acne can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing. When someone repeatedly receives acne breakouts, they often wonder what they can do to prevent them from happening again. Unfortunately, many times they are misinformed about acne skincare. In fact, many commonly accepted acne “facts” are nothing more than myths. It is wise to inform yourself before […]

7 anti-ageing herbs; the ultimate miracle of ayurveda

Ageing and anti ageing, the two very common but the most popular words that are always in the demand . whatever but , when we look for anti aging you can realize “your age is nothing but just a number.” Also in the science of ayurveda there are some herbs that can help you to […]