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Antipsychotics for psychotic disorders are very common now. These are a group of medicines used to treat some severe mental disorders like schizophrenia and mania. These drugs are also known as major tranquilizers. And very useful for their antipsychotic properties. Why do we use anti-psychotics? These drugs are usually recommended to treat the symptoms of […]

Disulfiram dosage, uses and mode of action

Disulfiram is the most known prescribed medication for a person suffering from alcoholism. It works as a treatment for alcohol dependence. This psychiatry agent shows its effect by ensuring abstinence.   Normally, disulfiram medication comes in tablet forms. It may be used alone or with other medications as per physician advice. The effect of disulfiram […]

Medicines to relieve your menstrual cramps easily

Menstrual cramps are like the most common problem in women. It can rise from mild to severe. To treat this problem, various kinds of remedies are available. It  may be natural, herbal or home remedies. If they don’t show any fruitful results then you can try the over-the-counter medicines. It’s the best option for you […]

medicines safe during pregnancy

Taking medicines always creates a dilemma during pregnancy. The antenatal mothers can not understand which medicines are safe and which are not? The doctors usually advise to avoid medicines in this period.    But if the pregnant woman has any kind of serious health issues like increased blood pressure or asthma then taking drugs becomes […]