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Category: Depression

11 Types of Depression: What You Should Know

There are many different ways that depression can appear. It can be mild or serious, and it can also be chronic or short-term. It can also be caused by certain circumstances such as the birth of a child or the change of seasons. Knowing the type of depression someone is suffering from can help healthcare professionals determine […]

Causes of Depression

A lot of medical research has contributed much to the understanding of depression. However, scientists do not know the exact reason that sets off depressive illness. There is no exact answer to the causes of depression but there are a lot of possibilities oftentimes resulting from a combination of things or factors.  More than one […]

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are familiar conditions to us but are also among the most serious illnesses in the world.   There are times when we feel anxious and moody. So what? We all go through the same things from time to time, don’t we? Anxiety and depression are normal parts of life. Who has not […]

7 Physical Signs That Show Depression Is Not Simply ‘In Your Head’

We don’t typically pair despair with bodily ache however analysis reveals this psychological sickness can actually damage. Depression hurts. And whereas we regularly pair this psychological sickness with emotional aches like disappointment, crying, and emotions of hopelessness, researchTrusted Source reveals that despair can manifest as bodily aches, too.   While we don’t typically consider despair as bodily […]