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 In today’s world, Millions and millions of people are suffering from heart disease. Moreover, It is very common in the united states. 7 out of 10 people are the sufferer by knowingly or unknowingly for various reasons.     In our society, people have some misconceptions about heart disease as

Help Someone Having Epileptic Seizure

 Epilepsy is nothing but a neurological disorder. in ancient times there was much credulous belief related to it. Some people think that the person suffering from seizure is possessed by any supernatural power.     Whatever, times change, and now we are in 21 century. Today’s people are efficient. They

Balance your cholesterol

 Some terms like cholesterol, high-density lipo- protein( HDL), low-density lipo-protein(LDL) and triglycerides, are very known to everyone. Each and every second out of 10,7 people have died from a heart attack in us.   Simply, I have tried to introduce you all to the deadly causative agent behind this , which