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How proning helps to improve the oxygen level in Covid-19 ?

The second wave of pandemic ruled all over the country. Followed by the signs and symptoms, are changing vigorously. This wave is very dangerous as it lowers the oxygen level and pushes you to death. so, in this pandemic, ‘proning’ is a simple and safe method to pump up your oxygen level. Proning is the […]

Process of bilirubin formation and excretion in neonate

The formation and excretion of bilirubin are very essential in adults as well as in the neonate. But, there is a higher risk of hyperbilirubinemia present in neonates. And that’s the main cause of neonatal jaundice.   To get more clarification on this subject, we have to go through the concept. Like where the formation […]

Bone Marrow Transplant : Types, Treatment ,Procedure

The bone marrow transplant is a major clinical procedure, used to rectify unhealthy stem cells. It is also known as stem cell transplant. This transplant procedure is very effective as well as very useful to replace faulty stem cells with healthy ones.    What is bone marrow? Bone marrow is soft, spongy, and fatty tissue. […]

5 foods for instant stress relief has just gone viral !!!

In today’s world , the word stress is very common. from young to old and from male to female , everyone is a victim of stress. It’s enough to turn your good day to a bad one.   Also  as a human being it’s impossible for us to stay away from the stressful situations. But, […]

why is ECT so controversial till now?

Depression, anxiety, mania, and schizophrenia are known as the common mental disorders that every alternate one is suffering through. Although there are various kinds of medications like antidepressants and mood stabilizers, ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) has its own therapeutic effects. So, how much it is beneficial, and what does it affect? let’s know below.   What […]

ALLEN TEST ; An Assessment of Collateral Circulation

The Allen test comes under a diagnostic test which is performed at the patient’s bedside. This test is done, mainly to know the patency of your hand’s arteries and also can help the health professional to be sure that the both arteries( radial and ulnar) are doing their job ( i.e. supply oxygenated blood to […]

8 Self-care tips you don’t know about endometriosis pain

1.Heat   Heat for endometriosis is one of the best remedies to relieve pain. It is a common way to manage abdominal cramps. Placing the heating pad just below the abdomen relaxes the muscles of the pelvis.    Besides it , using a heating pad for menstrual cramps offers a quick relief from the endo […]


Introduction   Our body is made up of some vital  components, the blood is one of that. It carries some important ions which are very important for smoothening the metabolic function of our body. Let’s discuss the interesting mechanism of co2 and HCO3.  To maintain the homeostasis, there is an equilibrium takes place between CO2  and HCO3.  This is called the […]

5 reasons why liquid antacids are more beneficial then tablets

Are you a foodie? Can’t stop yourself from eating too much. We all know that it is one of the best self-satisfaction. But, what happens when the foods that you have eaten comes up to the gullet and give you heartburn. Don’t worry,  it’s a very common problem, resolved by taking ‘antacids’. What is antacid? Antacid […]


 In today’s world, Millions and millions of people are suffering from heart disease. Moreover, It is very common in the united states. 7 out of 10 people are the sufferer by knowingly or unknowingly for various reasons.     In our society, people have some misconceptions about heart disease as well as the daily routine […]