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Bone health: Tips to stay your bones healthy

protective your bone health is less complicated than you think. perceive however diet, physical activity and alternative style factors can have an effect on your bone mass.  Bones play several roles within the body — providing structure, protecting organs, anchoring muscles, and storing calcium. whereas it’s necessary to create sturdy and healthy bones throughout childhood […]

Why I Exercise: Actual People Weigh In on What Retains Them Going

Fitting in train is difficult for everybody. Hearing what retains different folks going might help you discover your “why” too. Does it ever really feel like the one message you hear about train focuses on what you’ll be able to lose (i.e., weight)? With the broader health narrative emphasizing weight reduction, unrealistic expectations, and bodily […]

present worrying: rest Is a talent, now not a luxury

You’ve likely been advised to loosen up at some point in your life — whether by means of a massage therapist setting the temper, a nicely-which means partner seeking to help, or that pal who continually seems to stay cool irrespective of what occurs.   As a mom, I’ve stated it to my youngster as […]

Does drinking Alcohol Make You Gain Weight? here’s What Experts Say

if you‘re trying topreserve a healthful weight, step one is to have a look at what you areeatingoften and determinewhether it allows you to meet your nutritionaldesires. butit isnow notpretty muchmeals. What you drink is a massivething as properly, and that consists of the beer you might pop open all through a summer cookout or […]

The 25 fine weight loss plan tips to shed pounds and enhance fitness

let’s face it — there’s an overwhelming amount of data on the internet approximately the way to quickly shed pounds and get in form.   if you’re searching out exceptional tips on how to lose weight and hold it off, this reputedly infinite quantity of advice can be overwhelming and puzzling.   From the diets […]

WHAT is good health?

what is fitness? sorts factors for true health keeping fitness The phrase health refers to a nation of whole emotional and bodily well-being. Healthcare exists to help human beings preserve this best kingdom of fitness. according to the centers for disease manage and Prevention (CDC), healthcare expenses within the united states of America have been $3.5 trillionTrusted source in 2017. however, in spite of this expenditure, human beings within the U.S. have a lower existence expectancy than humans in different developed countries. this is because of an expansion of factors, consisting of getting entry to healthcare and lifestyle choices. proper health is imperative to dealing with strain and residing an extended, greater lively life. In this article, we explain the means of accurate health, the forms of health a person needs to bear in mind, and the way to preserve suitable fitness. […]

‘Delta Plus’ Variant Of Covid-19-what you need to know

The Indian government has now labeled the Delta plus variant of the severe acute respiratory syndrome … coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV2) a variant of concern. Pictured here is a makeshift covid care facility in a sports stadium at the Commonwealth Games Village in New Delhi. what is the delta plus variant? Delta Plus may sound like […]

How ECMO therapy works as a life-saver in this pandemic?

  The ECMO or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation therapy is mostly known for its artificial blood oxygenation quality. It is just like an ordinary heart and lung bypass machine, used in major cardiac surgery. But, nowadays ECMO is considered a blessing for those who are knocking on the door of death, because of covid-19.   According […]

Identify if the acid-base balance is compensated or uncompensated

 If there is any kind of acid-base imbalance occurs, then the homeostasis mechanism of the human body tries to balance it. This can happen if the PCO2  and HCO3 will be in a normal range. So, at first, we will know what are the normal values of PH, PCO2, and HCO3 ions.     PH = 7.35- 7.45   PCO2= […]

How overuse of steroids dive into black fungus?

The scenario of the covid pandemic takes a new turn. Here excessive use of steroids can lead to a secondary fungal infection. This infection is nothing but the most dangerous black fungus which appears as a post-covid complication.   What is black fungus?   Black fungus, also known as mucormycosis. This is a very rare […]