Can precum cause pregnancy? How likely is this, and what factors affect it?

Can precum cause pregnancy? How likely is this, and what factors affect it?

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During intercourse without a condom or one other barrier methodology, liquid from the penis can enter the vagina without both individuals realizing it. People name this liquid “precum.” Semen can leak into this fluid, so it’s potential to get pregnant from precum.

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This article refers to intercourse that might result in being pregnant. For individuals having this intercourse, being pregnant is at all times a chance, whatever the strategies of contraception that they use.

Before ejaculating, the penis releases fluid, which individuals might name precum. This launch is involuntary, and it might probably assist with lubrication.

Precum does not usually trust Source comprises semen, however, some semen can leak into it. This implies that it’s potential to grow to be pregnant if precum enters the vagina.

Below, we describe the chance of being pregnant as a consequence of precum in numerous situations and the following steps an individual might take.

Is it potential to get pregnant from precum?

Yes, it’s potential to get pregnant from pre-ejaculate fluid, or precum. This fluid is usually a lubricant, however, it might probably additionally transport sperm from the penis to the vagina.

Releasing precum will not be voluntary, so an individual can’t cease or manage it, even when they’ll management once they ejaculate. When precum enters the vagina, most individuals don’t discover it.

In phrases of the chance that precum incorporates sperm — a small, older examine discovered {that a} important variety of members had motile sperm within the samples they supplied. “Motile” implies that the sperm might transfer in a means that might result in fertilization.

Eleven of the 27Trusted Source members had sperm of their pre-ejaculate fluid, and in 10 members, a big variety of these sperm have been motile.

However, a 2016 study trusted Source discovered that solely 16.7% of wholesome males had motile sperm of their pre-ejaculate fluid.

Pregnancy is extra more likely to happen:

  • across the time of ovulation
  • if an individual will not be utilizing a dependable methodology of birth control
  • in the event that they use a dependable methodology imperfectly, which might simply occur

The following desk reveals how doubtless being pregnant is after publicity to precum in varied circumstances:

Situation Likelihood of being pregnant on publicity to precum
3 days earlier than ovulation The most fertile days are the 3 days before trusted Source and as much as the day of ovulation. To restrict the possibilities of being pregnant, take care to keep away from publicity to precum presently.
While ovulating Sperm can survive for 3–5 daysTrusted Source within the feminine reproductive organs, and an egg lives for 12–24 hours after ovulation. Pregnancy may result from publicity to precum firstly of ovulation, however the possibilities of being pregnant cut back over time.
During an interval The possibilities of becoming pregnant during menstruation are low, however, conception can happen at any time within the cycle if an individual will not be utilizing contraception successfully and there’s publicity to sperm, which can be in precum.
While utilizing contraception The probability of being pregnant after publicity to precum is determined by the tactic of contraception and the way the individual makes use of it. We describe which strategies are extra and less dependable under and within the subsequent part.
With a condom The chance of being pregnant when counting on a male condom is 18%Trusted Source, and this determined is 21% when counting on a feminine condom, which may be tougher to make use of. This means that there’s a probability of being pregnant from precum for individuals who use condoms, particularly if they begin utilizing a condom after sexual contact has begun.
With an IUD The probability of being pregnant inside 1 12 months of insertion is less than 1%Trusted Source. making the prospect of being pregnant from precum very low. But, the effectiveness of IUDs over time will fluctuate, relying on the kind. Check with a healthcare supplier about when to interchange the IUD.
After a vasectomy The fee of pregnancies within 1 12 months of the surgical procedure is lower than 1 in 100Trusted Source. But within the weeks afterward, being pregnant continues to be potential. People ought to proceed to make use of contraception till a sperm evaluation reveals that it’s secure to cease, often inside 16 weeksTrusted Source.
After giving start Pregnancy occurs in 2%Trusted Source of people who find themselves solely breastfeeding for as much as 6 months and earlier than they’ve their first post-pregnancy interval. But being pregnant can happen across the time of ovulation, and it may be arduous to know when ovulation occurs after childbirth as a result of it happening earlier than the primary interval. So it’s troublesome to foretell the chance of being pregnant presently.
Is the pull-out methodology efficient?

Compared with some contraception strategies, the pull-out methodology will not be as efficient. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the pull-out methodology has a failure fee of around 22%Trusted Source.

This implies that of all of the individuals who can get pregnant, frequently have intercourse that might result in it, and depending on the pull-out methodology, 22% grow to be pregnant inside 1 12 months.

Some causes that individuals depend on the pull-out methodology anyway embody:

  • It is free.
  • It requires no preparation and no journey to a clinic or retailer.
  • It includes no hormonal adjustments.
  • It requires no prescription.

It is necessary to understand that no contraception methodology is ideal. For instance, with typical use, 18% of girls who depend on male condoms as a contraception methodology grow to be pregnant within 1 12 months.

This statistic and people under come from the supply linked above, which makes use of “women” to explain its inhabitants.

Within 1 12 months, 21% of girls grow to be pregnant after counting on feminine, or inside, condoms alone, and 28% grow to be pregnant after counting on spermicide alone.

However, the charges of being pregnant are a lot decrease when individuals use contraception strategies accurately each time.

This knowledge points out that the pull-out methodology is about as efficient as condoms if an individual at all times makes use of them accurately. In this state of affairs, pulling out can also be simpler than utilizing spermicides.

And pulling out is simpler than utilizing no kind of contraception, which ends up in being pregnant for 85% of girls inside 1 12 months.

Still, in contrast with sure forms of contraception, the pull-out methodology is much less efficient. For instance, 8% of girls counting on the tablet grow to be pregnant inside 1 12 months, and this determines is 12% for ladies who depend on diaphragms.

Fewer than 1% of girls who’ve IUDs or implantable rods get pregnant within 1 12 months. Among ladies who depend on injected contraceptives, corresponding to depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (Depo-Provera), 6% grow to be pregnant on this timeframe. If the male companion has had sterilization, this determination is lowered to 0.15%.

What to recollect in regards to the pull-out methodology

Some issues to bear in mind earlier than attempting the pull-out methodology embody:

  • It will not be essentially simple, and folks ought to apply it with a condom.
  • An individual could also be unable to manage once they ejaculate, or they could not know when it occurs.
  • Pulling out doesn’t forestall sexually transmitted infections.
  • Tracking the menstrual cycle and avoiding intercourse throughout ovulation might enhance the effectiveness.
  • It is necessary to have a backup plan or emergency contraceptive.

Before attempting the pull-out methodology, communication is vital. If anybody will not be assured that it’s going to work, they need to use one other kind of contraception.

Some individuals use each condom and the pull-out methodology. This may also help forestall sperm, together with any in precum, from coming into the vagina. It additionally helps forestall being pregnant, to a sure extent, if the condom breaks.

Is emergency contraception like Plan B obligatory?

Plan B and Ella are the 2 forms of emergency contraception that have approval rested Source from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They forestall being pregnant by delaying ovulation or stopping fertilization.

Plan B is a well-known model of “morning after” tablet, however, there are different manufacturers. A pharmacist can describe the choices, a few of which can be cheaper.

Research reveals that Plan B and Ella are secure for emergency use, nevertheless, it has not been proven that they’re secure to make use of frequently. Also, they could additionally intervene with different strategies of contraception.

The Office on Women’s HealthTrusted Source recommends utilizing emergency contraception after intercourse without contraception or if an individual suspects that their methodology has not labored.

An individual would possibly take emergency contraception in the event that they:

  • forgot to take their contraception tablet
  • discovered {that a} condom has slipped off throughout intercourse
  • suppose that precum has entered their vagina

Anyone who’s apprehensive about unintentional publicity to sperm ought to take emergency contraception as quickly as potential. It is safer and simpler than an unintended being pregnancy.


Precum can comprise sperm. If it does and it enters the vagina, this may result in being pregnant.

Above, we describe how doubtless it’s to grow to be pregnant whereas utilizing varied forms of contraception. No methodology is fully efficient, so for individuals who have intercourse that may result in being pregnant, however, need to keep away from it, having emergency contraceptives readily available is a good suggestion.

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