Balance your cholesterol

Balance your cholesterol

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 Some terms like cholesterol, high-density lipo- protein( HDL), low-density lipo-protein(LDL) and triglycerides, are very known to everyone. Each and every second out of 10,7 people have died from a heart attack in us.

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Simply, I have tried to introduce you all to the deadly causative agent behind this , which is known as cholesterol.


 It is not only a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases but also causes some neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and various other afflictions.


what are the normal levels?


Inhuman body the normal levels are


the total cholesterol <200 mg/dl


HDL cholesterol > 60 mg / dl


LDL cholesterol <100 mg/dl


triglycerides <150 mg /dl


All we know that is high-density lipoprotein (HDL) is known as good cholesterol and low density lipoprotein (LDL) is known as bad cholesterol.


But, the the whole concept is totally different. It doesn’t matter how much your cholesterol increase or what is the level of your HDL and LDL.


Would you like to know the reason. so, let’s know it by a simple life fact.


Life event



when someone having a cardiac problem and go-to cardiologist for a checkup, the doc. suggest to do a fasting lipoprotein profile test. After the test results If there is any increase in  LDL level than the the doctor advises him to take  statins or some low-fat diet.


But,  do you think that taking statins or low fat the diet will solve your problem?


Probably not .. because the main reason behind this is something else. taking statins or low-fat diet may control your cholesterol to some extent but not completely.


what’s the reason?


 oxidized cholesterol…yes, it is the reason behind the whole concept.


 what is it?


Oxidized cholesterol is nothing but oxidatively modified LDL. It is also the primary cause of atherosclerosis rather than the condition resulting from too much cholesterol in general.


Let me clear out the subject by taking a common example; like one rotten apple spoils the the whole barrel, Just like that a small amount of consumed oxidized fat around your artery and create plaque build-up .It also leads to the development of atherosclerosis and coronary heart diseases.


What should we do?


·    Eat smart


·    Move more


·    Don’t smoke


·    Take medications as directed


Eat smart


·    Start reading labels


you should mainly focus on oxidized cholesterol. so, when ever you buy any packed food, start reading the labels.


·    Focus on eating healthy fats like monosaturated fats.


·    Fresh fruits and vegetables


·    Pay attention to nutrition labels


·    eat at home to control your ingredients


so, what are the foods should we eat?


foods: the ‘yes’ list


·    Nuts


·    Dark chocolates


·    Beans( eating a cup of any types of beans a day can lower your cholesterol by as much as 10% in 6 weeks.


·    Spinach( reduce heart attack)


·    Tea( lower the blood lipid level)


·    Garlic( cleans heart artery)


·    Avocado oil( helps to increase the HDL level)


·    Egg plant ( it contains antioxidant and helps to lower the blood pressure also)


·    Okra( it contains folic acid, fibers and antioxidant)


·    Fish ( it contains omega -3 acid)


·    Onion( contains sulfur which cleanses the blood)


·    Olive oil( it helps to decrease the LDL level and increases the HDL level.


·    Blue berries




·    Green tea


·    Dark grape juice


·    Pomegranate juice


·    Blueberry juice


·    Red wine


Foods: the ‘no’ list


·    Cheese


·    Butter


·    Milk( mainly buffalo milk)


·    Fried food


move more


·    Jog or run


·    Walking


·    Cycling


·    Swimming


·    Aerobic exercise


·    Resistance training


·    Yoga


·    Moderate-intensity exercise


don’t smoke which means totally to avoid cigarette smoking.


Diagnostic test


·    fasting lipoprotein profile test


·    coronary artery calcium score CT scan ; to know the oxidized cholesterol level in the blood. 

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