9 Basic foods should avoid in pregnancy

9 Basic foods should avoid in pregnancy

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 “Pregnancy” , it’s a very crucial time for women. In this period, She needs all those things which are not only effective for her but for her upcoming baby too, Is it true? Yes, it’s a relevant fact that what a mom-to-be do or eat will shape the immune system of the little one. Because what pregnant women are eating today may not only nourish her body but may have put a huge impact on her growing fetus. So, if you are going to be a mom of a healthy baby then kindly pay attention to those foods, you should avoid during your pregnancy.

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List of  9 basic foods avoid in pregnancy


1. Simple carbohydrates


There are some foods containing simple carbohydrates like white rice, white bread, refined cereals, pasta, cake, potatoes, French fries, pastries, biscuits, added sugar, and junk foods. besides it some sweetened beverages, corn syrup, and some preservatives like aspartate, which have contained the least nutritional values. that food does nothing but increasing the level of blood glucose as high as possible. So, if you are pregnant, simply boycott all those simple carbohydrates to maintain your blood pressure.

2. Food high in sugar


Pregnant women should avoid foods that are rich in sugar like candy, baked goods such as muffins, donuts, sweetened cereals, sweetened oats meals, starchy food such as white pasta, and also some drinks like soda, juices. These all are considered as the weight gaining foods for the baby and create problems during delivery.  Along with it ‘Gestation diabetes’ is one of the most common diseases in antenatal women because of starchy foods.

3. Excess in caffeine

Caffeine is one kind of stimulant that can keep you attentive. If you are pregnant then try to limit the intake of caffeine-containing foods like tea, coffee, chocolate, some energy drinks, and soft drinks such as cola. It leads to an increase the blood pressure and also drastically increases the urine output.

Not only that but the caffeine in pregnancy can result in miscarriage, a low birth weight baby as well as some jittery feelings, having indigestion and trouble sleeping. So, during purchasing, you should check the label on food and drinks to know about the amount of caffeine they contain.

According to professor Arri Coomaraswamy, clinical director of Tommy’s National Miscarriage Research Centre; “There is evidence that excessive caffeine intake is associated with an increased risk of miscarriage. Interestingly, this evidence seems to apply to not just the women during pregnancy, but also to men, pre-conception. Although more research is required, most clinicians would recommend couples restrict their caffeine intake.

4. Alcohol

“ Drinking alcohol is injurious to your health”.But, during pregnancy drinking, a glass of whisky is not only injurious for you but also for your fetus too. It can lead to lifelong physical, behavioral and intellectual disabilities. As well as alcohol can damage the vital organs of a fetus like a brain and heart, etc.

Drinking alcohol is a result of stillbirth, several birth defects, abnormal facial features, growth, and the most serious fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. The chief medical officers of the UK recommended that if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, the safest approach is not to drink alcohol at all to keep the risk that baby to a minimum. So, alcohol is the first and foremost drinks to be avoided during pregnancy.

5. Nitrates rich food

some nitrates rich foods that you can avoid during pregnancy are hotdogs, cold cuts, deli meats, bacon, and sausages. Basically, these are loaded with sodium and saturated foods. Deli meats, bacon, sausages form compounds like nitrosamines which is a carcinogenic substance and put a very harmful impact on the fetus.

6. Herbal tea

As herbal drinks are considered as the most effective for health. But, some of the herbal tea like sage tea, licorice root tea, nettle tea, chamomile tea, and green matcha tea can give rise to many dangerous consequences in pregnancy such as chamomile tea cause uterine contraction, nettle tea which is made from the root may lead to uterine contraction as well as miscarriage.

premature labor is caused by liquorice root tea and green matcha tea reduces folate absorption.  One of the herbal tea company called Celestial seasoning‘s, report that they don’t use any herbs that can be considered dangerous and choose to use herbs from a guideline that the FDA has published.

7. canned food


An endocrine disruptor called BPA is present in every canned food. Scientists say, “the food which is canned contains an industrial chemical bisphenol A (BPA). so, eating canned food in pregnancy can affect the child’s reproductive health.” Besides it, reusing single-use plastic, storing food or drinks in the jar is also considered as the common source of BPA.

In pregnancy, it is better to choose a jarred product instead of canned. The lid of the jar contains BPA but there is less surface area that is in contact with the food. So, during pregnancy, please try to kick out this canned food from your diet.

8. Empty calorie foods

The American heritage college dictionary defines, “empty” as “holding or containing nothing” and for all the calories these foods are added to your diet, they bring along almost nothing else for your body -very little vitamins or minerals, very little fibers and phytochemicals.”

Here empty calorie foods refers to two things ;

  • Anything with lots of sugar or other sweeteners
  • Anything with lots of fat and oil

The sugar indicates cake, cookies, sweets, fruit-flavored sweet beverages, and foods containing mostly added sugar. Fats like margarine, shortening, and other fats and oil are strictly avoided during pregnancy. It mainly leads to some food-borne illnesses like listeriosis, toxoplasmosis, and birth defects or miscarriage.

9. Tangy tamarind


Vitamin C is very much essential for the pregnant mother as it boosts there immunity and also controls their mood swings. But, it is not applicable in all cases such as tamarind. It is very dangerous in the first month of pregnancy, it can reduce the progesterone hormone which leads to miscarriage abortion. Tamarind can be very dreadful in the third trimester because it may permanently close the baby’s heart passage. It may also imbalance the blood sugar as well as the blood pressure during pregnancy.

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