8 Self-care tips you don’t know about endometriosis pain

8 Self-care tips you don’t know about endometriosis pain

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Heat for endometriosis is one of the best remedies to relieve pain. It is a common way to manage abdominal cramps. Placing the heating pad just below the abdomen relaxes the muscles of the pelvis. 


Besides it , using a heating pad for menstrual cramps offers a quick relief from the endo pain.To test the effectiveness of the heating pad , a study was done on 81 women. 

They were suffering from severe endometriosis pain. At last ,It found that using a heating pad is very effective as some over-the- counter medicines like ibuprofen.But in some cases, they are contraindicated.


2.Diet for endometriosis


Choosing a useful diet is very necessary to treat endo-pain. One diet that is mainly recommended is the ‘FODMAP’. It stands for Fermentable Oligosaccharide Disaccharides and Polyols. It is nothing but a group of carbohydrates. It helps the normal flora present in the gut.


Some fruits and veggies have higher FODMAP concentration that help to reduce the bloating,cramping,diarrhea and constipation. It includes a lot of whole foods like garlic, onion, apples,milk and yoghurt,lean meats and some processed food etc.

Also the foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids like avocados, nuts, olive oil and low mercury wild fish are having some anti-inflammatory properties. 


According to Goldstein, a diet containing anti-inflammatory properties may help to treat endometriosis symptoms.

Sometimes a small piece of vegan chocolate, a good cup of tea and 5 fruits and vegetables daily works as a miracle for endoflare.

 At the same time there are some foods like dairy products, gluten,processed foods and sugar that trigger the symptoms of endometriosis.




Doing exercise regularly is a natural remedy to treat the endopain. It’s a natural way to improve blood circulation and release endorphins. It’s a happy chemical that makes you feel good.Also lower estrogen levels lead to bad cramps and inflammation.


The exercises like running and high impacted workouts may worsen the symptoms of endometriosis,”says ken sinervo,MD medical director of the center of endometriosis in Atlanta. So, he suggests doing yoga or passive workouts.


With these the patient may take pelvic floor therapy to get rid from muscle pain ,stress and soreness with sex. At least two and half hours of exercise and along with it walking , swimming or biking are the best options to relieve symptoms.


4.Good night’s sleep


A good night’s sleep provides a good solution for endometriosis pain. It may help you to free from fatigue, severe pain and all kinds of symptoms. Also you can try a few things to improve your sleep.

Exercising regularly, avoiding screen time and maintaining a sleeping schedule are the basic things to set good health.


 In 2018 a study published in the journal Human Reproduction,women  having endometriosis are two times as likely to be affected by fatigue as those who don’t have the condition. This endometriosis pain leads to severe insomnia.


5.Having a warm bath


Taking the nail warm water for bath is a best way for muscles relaxation.adding epsom salts with it, can also help soothe the pelvic pain. The epsom salts reduce the inflammation and bloating.


it has minerals such as magnesium,helps to relieve pain. If you want to get more relaxed then add some epsom salts on your bubble bath. I swear it’s the most effective way to relieve muscle tension.


6.Herbal supplements


Herbal supplements include the chinese herbs, homeopathy,ayurveda and naturopathy .Practitioners of traditional chinese medicines also used a combination of herbs to treat endometriosis.


But, before using these herbal supplements consult with the doctor. Because for some people herbal remedies provide a good solution. But, for some they are not much more effective.


7.Try alternative therapy


Alternative therapies like acupuncture, biofeedback, behavior modification with lifestyle changes and physical therapy are the best alternative ways to overcome.



In acupuncture tiny needles are inserted in the skin. This technique is very known for it’s pain relieving effect. A study published in the journal PLOS ONE found evidence that alternative therapy like acupuncture can reduce abdominal and pelvic pain and size of endometrial overgrowth in women with endometriosis.


Osteopathic treatment


 Osteopathic treatment helps to manipulate the muscle ligaments and skeletal ligaments. It  is mainly accompanied with analgesic and anti-inflammatory medications. It reduces the pain that arises due to endometriosis.


Chiropractic management


 This kind of management is mainly done to treat the dislocations of the musculoskeletal system.


8.OTC anti-inflammatory drugs


The over the counter medicines like ibuprofen, naproxen and acetaminophen give fast relief in endometriosis. These are the most common non steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs for endopain.It helps to reduce the painful cramps and inflammation.


All the pain reliever NSAIDs do not work for everyone. So, before taking these medications consult a physician about it. A physician can determine the best medications or a combination of medication and therapies the body needs.






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