7 anti-ageing herbs; the ultimate miracle of ayurveda

7 anti-ageing herbs; the ultimate miracle of ayurveda

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Ageing and anti ageing, the two very common but the most popular words that are always in the demand . whatever but , when we look for anti aging you can realize “your age is nothing but just a number.” Also in the science of ayurveda there are some herbs that can help you to understand this very well. So, let’s solve the mystery by moving through the basic terms related to anti-ageing.

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What is ageing?

Ageing is an ongoing process which starts from ‘glycation’. 

Glycation; it is a spontaneous , non enzymatic and metabolic process . In this the toxic sugars that are deposited in the body can bind with healthy collagen and form the largest bond of collagen containing sugars. This is mainly responsible to form a aged skin.

Somehow, the process of ageing is faster when the molecules of glucose mixed up with the proteins or fat. It results in irreversible damage to skin.


     What is anti-ageing?


Simply, we can say, it is the inhibiting process of ageing. In which some strong anti-ageing inhibitors play a vital role to slow down the process of glycation.


 Why do we need it?

To beat the ageing one can do various things like peeling,scrubbing and using some highly cosmetic anti ageing creams and serum etc. but, would you get the satisfaction? It’s answer might be no. because, the reason behind is underneath.


There is an age of growth. It may stretch up to 27 years . decline happens at a certain age. But, in this current generation ageing is faster. Because our indulgence has increased towards the acidic food and the foods that we have outside of our home. And now our body has to pay for it by accelerating the process of ageing. That’s why we need it.


Anti-ageing and ayurveda


From ancient times , ayurveda has proved that the problem of ageing can easily be resolved  by some natural herbs . These herbs can help you to erase the signs of ageing by its antioxidant properties.Besides it the ayurvedic herbs work as strong inhibitors that can slow down the process of glycation. So, let’s know these magical herbs in detail.


7 anti-ageing herbs


According to Professor Bodekar( Dr. Bodekar researches and teaches medical sciences at oxford university) ,”there are three main basic herbs like pegaga centella Asiatica, turmeric leaf and papaya leaf that are very helpful to fight against ageing.”


  1. Pegaga centella Asiatica

It is also known as Gotu-kola.it’s a brain tonic as well as a skin repairing agent.it’s help to enhance the memory and all cognitives activities which we want to beat the age related issues like alzermer’s. It works as a healing agent which renews the skin by stimulating the production of skin cells like fibronectin.

  1. Turmeric leaf

It’s a powerful skin rejuvenating agent rich in antioxidants. Also it has some anti- inflammatory properties to reduce skin infections. So, if you want to get a younger looking skin then never forget to include this herb in your daily routine. 


  1. Papaya leaf

It’s a very useful anti-ageing herb . it protects your immune system by enhancing the immune functions. It has some fat burn effects and indirectly reduces the production of collagen bonds responsible for aged skin. As an antiaging agent it not only gives you healthy skin but a healthy brain also.


  1. Basil

 It is also called’ holy basil’. It is also known as the world’s healthiest herb. It contains higher amounts of anti-ageing antioxidants than strawberry and dark chocolates. It’s the main staple ingredients in many italian dishes ,originated in asian and african countries.some phyto-nutrients like vicenin and orientin are present in this herb to slow down ageing. Basil shows it’s significant effects by eliminating the free radicals and some rogue compounds that are mainly responsible for premature ageing as well as some chronic illnesses like cancer, Alzheimer’s , diabetes and many more.


  1. Guduchi
  2. Guduchi, also known as ‘giloy’ is the powerhouse of antioxidants. It contains a lot of anti-ageing properties. It gives you a glowing and flawless skin free from finelines, pimples, dark spots and wrinkles etc.it improves cognitive ability . The guduchi works as rejuvenator tonic by balancing all the three doshas in the body.as it is a medicinal herb , it has some immuno modulatory, hepatoprotective, cardioprotective ,anti inflammatory, antioxidants and analgesic effects. Guduchi is a natural detoxifier and very beneficial in improving the complexion and luster of the skin. This anti ageing herb is also famous as a skin lotion and a natural skin enhancing agent. 


  1. Cinnamon

In the list of anti ageing herbs ‘cinnamon’ is the most effective one. It is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory that slows ageing. It acts as a barrier and protects your skin from free radicals.it has a compound called ‘cinnamaldehyde’ that reduces the process of glycation by burning the fat cells. It balances the blood glucose level, enhances the production of collagen and helps you to maintain a youthful skin beyond your age.


  1. Cloves

It is a skin boosting herb that kicks out all the ageing signs . It has some anti-microbial,anti-fungal, antiviral and antiseptic properties. It is one of the best anti-ageing herbs that helps in improving blood circulation. The magical oil of cloves works wonders in preventing early signs of aging.it heals and prevents acne, blackheads ,inflammation ,redness and all skin related diseases.






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