5 reasons why liquid antacids are more beneficial then tablets

5 reasons why liquid antacids are more beneficial then tablets

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Are you a foodie? Can’t stop yourself from eating too much. We all know that it is one of the best self-satisfaction. But, what happens when the foods that you have eaten comes up to the gullet and give you heartburn. Don’t worry,  it’s a very common problem, resolved by taking ‘antacids’.

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What is antacid?

Antacid ( anti-acid), it’s the most common over-the-counter medication which is mainly used to neutralize the stomach Prather than preventing acid production. Antacid mainly helps you to get over from the symptoms like heartburn, acid indigestion, stomach upset and a feeling of pressure in the stomach etc.


Why we need antacid?

As we know that our stomach produces a kind of strong an acid called HCL  which is not only taking part in the process of digestion but also acts as an immunochemical that kills germs. But, the acid is very corrosive in nature. That’s why the mucosal barrier is present to save the stomach lining from the corrosive effect. In some cases, mucosal barrier loses its function. The broken barrier failed to stop the ulcer-causing acid and results in stomach ulcers, duodenal ulcers, cardiac sphincter disfunction and at last irritate the gullet.

So, how do antacid works?

 Antacid can stop all those things that generate ulcer, heartburn and acid indigestion by neutralizing of stomach contents.

Types of antacid

antacids usually come in 2 forms;

  • liquid antacid
  • tablet or capsule antacid

   now a huge difference has created between these liquid and tablet antacids based on there pharmacological actions as well as their characters.


“Antacid tablets are work slower than antacid liquids.”

To prove this statement, the two researcher CC Barnett and CT Richardson did the in-vitro and in-vivo experiments. In which they have evaluated the effect of magnesium -aluminium hydroxide antacid tablets and liquids on the food stimulated gastric acid in-vitro as well as in-vivo in a patient having eight duodenal ulcers.


In-vitro, the neutralizing capabilities of two preparations( antacid liquid and tablet) were the same (28.3+/-0.1mmol/litre). But, in in-vivo, the effect of tablet took longer duration than liquid.

Hence it was proved that antacid tablets are acting slower than liquid antacids. But, a lot of researches are still going on.

Anyways let’s know about the 5 reasons why the liquid an antacid is more effective as well as beneficial than antacid tablets.


  • Fast relief

Fast relief means to work fast. As soon as the antacid interacts with the gastric acid, the process of neutralization starts quickly. But, the experiments show that tablet antacids reacted more slowly with the gastric acid and liquid antacids usually work faster and better than those antacid capsules.


  • Easy to swallow

From a child to an adult or from a healthy one to a disease one, everyone prefers those kinds of medications which are easy-to-swallow. In case of any patient who is having an oral and buccal cavity surgery can swallow the liquid antacid without any complications. There is also no need to drink water after that.


  • Get rid of bad breath


Sometimes after having a heavy meal, you feel some bad breaths come out of your mouth. The reason behind this is the extra acid which is secreted by your stomach. Don’t worry. Some specific flavours (cherry or minty) liquid antacid help you to get rid of this.


  • Coating effect

Liquid antacids really give a cool and soothing effect on our gut. It slowly ingested and goes down by coating the gullet and reach the stomach. It mainly helps to reduce the inflammation and heartburn produce by the acid.


  • Easy-to-find

Liquid antacids are very cheap. It is readily available in a nearby pharmacy. It’s a very easy-to-find option for the person with mild and intermittent heartburn. Moreover, every age groups will easily use this as prescribed by their doctors.



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