5 aerobic exercises to lose your belly fat in a week

5 aerobic exercises to lose your belly fat in a week

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Belly fat, who doesn’t want to lose it? I know, it’s the stupidest question ever. But, the most common problem too.

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If you are passing through shameful situations because of your belly fat. Then it will end soon. The aerobic exercises give a better solution.


What are the aerobic exercises to lose belly fat?

Some truly simple aerobic exercises are cycling, stair training, skipping, running, and swimming. They are very effective especially for the obese people as it burns more calories. They have also shown many advantages in terms of liver fat, insulin resistance, and others.


According to a current study,

The results showed that the people lost about 2.5 square inches of belly fat within eight months by doing aerobics. It was measured on a CT scan.

Also, one study found that the people who did only aerobics had a good improvement in their health as compared to those who did both aerobics and resistance training. 



Cycling is considered the best calorie-burning exercise. It comes under low-impact cardio workouts. And very helpful to lose belly fat.

Also, it doesn’t show any bad impact on joints, maintains basal metabolic rate and muscle mass. For that, you can do cycling as much as you want. 

There are also some fat-burning exercises that give you a muscular figure. But, failed to remove fat from the particular area. For this cycling is an excellent option.


It is also proved that low intensity and high duration cycling can remove more belly fat than short duration and high-intensity cycling. Nonstop cycling can burn up to 1000 calories whereas 600 calories can be burned in moderate cycling.


According to Harvard Health Publications,

A person weighing about 125 pounds will burn 240 calories every 30 minutes by cycling at 12-13.9 miles per hour. And a 185-pound person will burn 355 calories.

But if the 125 pound person increases the speed from 14 to 15.9 miles per hour. Then he can burn 300 calories. And a 185-pound person can burn 444 calories.



It is the easiest way to burn calories. You can do this exercise and reduce your belly fat without changing your diet. But, you have to do it at a moderate to high-intensity level.

It is very effective and doesn’t need any equipment, just a pair of shoes. To lose 1 pound in weight, you need to burn 3500 calories in total.

One mile run will burn 100 calories and 5 miles a day can burn 1 pound in a week. All you need to know is to do it regularly.

It generally depends on your weight and fitness level. According to your weight, you have to burn calories. The running is of three types :


For beginner

To burn approximately 250 calories, run for 30 minutes at about five miles per hour. and to burn 500 calories running for 6o minutes.



Run 6 miles per hour for 30 minutes. This will burn approximately 315 calories. And running for 6-0 minutes will burn approximately 630 calories.


For advanced runner

Run 7 miles per hour for 30 minutes. This will burn approximately 370 calories. Running for 60 minutes will burn approximately 740 calories.



It is an interesting way to burn belly fat and extra calories. It helps in improving overall body shape. It is a full-body workout. 

There are no such exercises that help to remove fat from your belly. But, swimming can do it. Adequate frequency and intensity with a proper diet can work on your belly.

Gagne says,” swimming can absolutely help you lose weight, as it increases your heart rate and tone muscles.”


As per Harvard University study, 

A person who weighs about 125 pounds doing 60 minutes freestyle can burn 330 calories, a butterfly can burn 330, a backstroke can burn 240, and a breaststroke can burn 300. Like that for a 185-pound person, the same workout should burn 488,488,355 and 440 calories respectively.


Stair exercises

 It is very useful in shaping the entire body. It increases cardiovascular stamina.it engages your body’s largest muscle groups.


It provides strength to the most common fat depositing area like calves, thighs, buttocks, and tummy. Besides it, climbing stairs can tone your butt, build the abs and lose inches from the arms.



Beginners can start climbing the stairs in their own comfort. There is no hard and fast rule for them. After someday they can skip one and climb two at a time.


Intermediate and advanced

They can try running stairs one at a time or two. If you increase your speed, distance, and repetitions, your heart rate will increase. And indirectly it burns belly fat.


Dr. Bryant from the American Council on Excercise said in an interview for an article for ‘The New York Time’ that walking upstairs at a moderate intensity burns five calories a minute for a 120-pound individual.



Skipping or jumping ropes is considered high-intensity workouts. It provides the best solution to reduce belly fat without changing the diet pattern.


It also makes your heart stronger. It decreases heart disease and stroke.


Skipping routine for beginners

Day 1

Skip for as long as you can, rest for 60 seconds, repeat for 5 minutes.

Day 2

Skip for as long as you can, rest for 45 seconds, repeat for 7 minutes.

Day 3

Skip for 20 seconds, rest for 30 seconds, repeat for 5 minutes.

Day 4

Gym cross-training – leg, ab, and back exercises

Day 5

Skip for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds, repeat for 5 minutes

Day 6

Skip for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds, repeat for 10 


Day 7





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