Health Benefits of Green Tea

Because of its high antioxidant content, green tea can aid in preventing illnesses like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s osteoporosis, and Parkinson’s disease, along with Type 2 Diabetes. Find out more about the benefits and potential risks.   Since the beginning of time people from China as well as Japan have been drinking green tea because of its […]

25 Reasons Why You’ve Got Cramps But No Period, According To Ob-Gyns

In addition to the fact that you’re bloated moodiness, bloating, and sudden cravings for sugar The cramps are also among the most frequent indications that your period of the month is approaching very soon. Although not the most fun but they are an accurate indicator of when it is time to get your pads, tampons as well as the menstrual cup prepared. What […]

Is Schizophrenia Genetic? Here’s What To Know About Your Family’s Risk

Researchers have estimated that around 90% of the chance to develop schizophrenia is genetic. However, this doesn’t mean that those who have faulty genes are likely to be diagnosed with the disorder.   “The average risk of developing schizophrenia ranges between half between 1 and 1%,” Keith Nuechterlein Ph.D. Professor of Psychology, as well as director of the UCLA Center […]

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the most common human cancer. It is estimated that over a million new cases occur annually. The skin is the largest organ of the human body, serving as both a protective layer and aesthetic capacity.  Skin cancer refers to several types of malignancies that can occur, including basal cell carcinoma (BCC), squamous […]

International Day of Yoga 21 June

It is believed that the practice of Yoga can bring happiness, health, and peace from within, and increases the sense of connection between one’s own inner awareness and the world outside.   2022 theme: Yoga to benefit humanity The COVID-19 epidemic has been an unimaginable human tragedy. Beyond the immediate effects on health and physical well-being, […]

6 Hydration Mistakes You’re Making During Exercise

The intensity of your workout can increase the chance of becoming dehydrated if don’t replenish the fluids that are lost through sweat. Avoid these slip-ups prior to or during and after your exercise.   Hydration is essential throughout the day particularly when exercising.   If you do not drink enough fluids prior to or during and after […]

Are Your Stress Levels Too High?

Although a bit of stress can help you stay inspired but stress can be detrimental to your body in a variety of ways.   How Stress Levels Are Measured When you’re faced with an imminent threat the brain responds through activation of the “fight, flight, or freeze” system to protect you. In essence, it will prepare […]

Controlling Acne

Acne… affects a majority of teenagers and many adults well into middle age. It is dreaded and despaired over by many who suffer from this common skin condition. Clearing acne begins by understanding what acne really is and what triggers it. Then we will consider how it can be controlled by lifestyle choices, skincare choices, […]